Colorful Leaves & Camera Lenses

There  is not much to say, but here are some pictures I took around my neighborhood to show how easy and quick it is to find a beautiful picture. All you ever need is nature and some creativity. Enjoy 🙂


Changing Seasons

HAPPY 2017! I hope you all have a fantastic year filled with fun, family, and friends! For my first post this year, I decided to do photography. I took these pictures on a gloomy, cloudy day. This symbolizes the end of the holidays and the chill of Winter. The Christmas decorations are coming down, the…


Beautiful Skies

Here is a montage of pictures of beautiful skies that were worth capturing! There are many moments where you just have to stop and take the picture, because you know you will appreciate it later! I hope you enjoy! Thank you so much for reading! If you enjoyed, please like comment, or follow! 🙂


Airplane Views

Usually, when you are on a plane for 15 hours, you can get a little bored… So, what better to do than take a bunch of artsy pictures of the clouds! 😀 I tend to get the best pictures during take-off or landing, since you can see clouds but also the city. Anyways, here are…



Rain in California

The past couple days the rain here in California has been insane! *We’re in a drought, they say* The storms went on for a few days straight. Just non-stop rain and wind. Basically for California it was the end of the world. But here are some of the pictures I took of Santa Barbara during…


Spring // 2017

Tomorrow is the start of SPRING! Sadly, I don’t get much of a Spring in California 😦 But, I still managed to get some cool photos to share with you! I love taking pictures during sunsets because you have a very small amount of time where the sky is perfect. If you are just 5…


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