Collage 68.0

Hello everyone! I took quite a long break from my blog throughout May in order to focus on studying for my tests and finals, but I’m finally back! Today’s Collage post is of some flowers and plants that I thought were very unique and gorgeous. I hope you enjoy!

This post was pretty short, but I’m working on some more travel guides and content for the next few weeks! It was a weird transition coming back to my blog after taking such a long break, especially since I had never really taken a break before. I’m slowly getting my schedule back together, so thank you all for being so patient with me!

❤ Pauline

9 Replies to “Collage 68.0”

  1. I always get back into blogging as soon as I have to start studying for my finals which is so not helpful! I am glad you are back from your break, I am trying to do blogging and Uni together atm, so let’s see how it goes 😉
    I really like the photos you shared! I am currently obsessed with flowers and my entire pinterest is full of them xx

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