Traveling as a Vegan | Guest Post by Authentically Vegan

This post was guest written by Kaley, a simplistic, vegan lifestyle blogger over at! She often writes about international living and has her fair share of original vegan recipes such as Simple Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vegan) that will make your mouth water! Her amazing photography is specifically shown off in one of my favorite posts of hers, titled Walking Around Town. Make sure to head over to her blog for some amazing content that will inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle! Also, don’t forget to check out my post on her blog here, where I wrote about the best vegan brunch locations in and around Los Angeles. Okay, let’s head into Kaley’s post!

Being in an unfamiliar place can be stressful. As a vegan, traveling can be a huge source of anxiety. For me, there is always a little voice in my head saying, “what if I can’t find something to eat?” Luckily, that has never actually happened. Traveling as a vegan can pose challenges, but I learned early on that it just takes a little planning.

I had only been vegan for 6 months when I had the opportunity to go to Savannah, Georgia for nearly two weeks. I was nervous because the South is known for comfort food and butter. Well, I didn’t starve. I actually had some amazing meals and did some amazing things. I also learned a lot about sustaining a plant-based diet while traveling. Here are some key points that I think will make traveling as a vegan simpler!

  • Communicate
    • If you are traveling with a group, I suggest mentioning that you are vegan and that means you avoid animal products. People know from the start that you won’t always be eating the same things. Communicating is also important when you are asking for restaurant recommendations. If you are abroad, make sure you know how to explain veganism in other languages. Also, contacting restaurants ahead of time is a good idea because they can let you know what menu items you can/can’t eat. I know some people don’t like to be that annoying customer, but the worst they can say is no and it’s very common for people to have special requests.
  • Plan
    • Most trips are not spontaneous, so it makes sense to plan around special diets. If I’m going someplace new, I will often research restaurants before my trip. is a great resource. This website will tell you all of the vegan options in your location. I think it is also important to losely plan your days. It’s easier to know when to grab a snack or a meal if you have somewhat of a schedule down. I get hangry so it’s really important for me to plan food around my activities.
  • Prep
    • This goes hand in hand with planning. If you can, I suggest prepping some food and bringing it with you. If you are going on a plane, this might be tricky. But, you can still bring dried foods in your checked bag. I always make sure to have plenty of granola bars and trail mix.This can get you through those emergency situations. Some hostels or hotels might even have kitchen equipment. This is helpful when the restaurant selection isn’t ideal. Oatmeal is a go-to while traveling because it only requires a few ingredients and typically comes in packets. In the past, I have also just stopped by grocery stores or markets in whatever city I was in to pick up vegan friendly food.

This advice might sound like common knowledge, but I get asked quite often if it is hard to travel as a vegan. Honestly, it’s not as hard as it seems. I have never been in a position where eating a dead animal was the only source of food. Staying mindful while traveling is the best piece of advice I can give you. It’s easy to stay vegan while traveling as long as you give your choices a little extra thought.

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  1. I am vegan-at-home so I only eat vegan when I am at home and then vegetarian when I am out-and-about for this exact reason. Whilst there is often at least one vegan option, often it does not sound appealing to me so I normally settle for the vegetarian option. Happy Cow is such a good app though, even just for finding vegetarian options. Thank you for sharing. xx

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