*Interesting* Photography from March 2019

Hello! I recently updated my blog a bit, and since my once 100% full storage is at a whopping 50%, I’m going to take advantage of this and show you some of my favorite photos from March. I hope you enjoy!

Of course we have to start with the puppies! I mean, I don’t think I could’ve even done a better job if I had planned this photo. I love how the puppies are perfectly positioned in the front and back, and now I’m actually starting to wonder what they were looking at. It’s just the cutest picture and I love how the editing turned out!

This one’s a bit random, but I looove the aesthetic. You can probably guess what movie this is from – The Great Gatsby! I just read the book and watched the movie recently, and I loved how this scene looked so I had to take a picture. The quality isn’t amazing, but the layout and the colors are just perfect!

Shoes – Vans | Purse – Fossil | Pants – Free People | Scarf – Madewell ;))

I don’t really know how much this counts as “photography,” but I thought I would include it anyways. I liked how the angle focused more on the purse and less on the shoes as it went farther away. I honestly think I took this pretty rushed, but I guess the iPhone camera pulled through!

And lastly, I couldn’t exclude cats! This is one of my friend’s cats, and he’s honestly gorgeous. I follow him around my friend’s house and just take a million pictures of him. The light that flows into the room through the window highlights the angle perfectly and creates such a nice aesthetic. I would definitely recommend trying out photography on pets because animals are always photogenic!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this short post!

< 3 Pauline

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