The TMI Travel Tag

I’ve done a few Q & A’s in the past, but most of them have been the generic “get to know me” questions. So when I stumbled upon the TMI Travel Tag, I knew right away that it was perfect for my blog! I chose 10 questions about traveling and my experiences abroad to answer – I hope you enjoy!

I saw this tag on a travel blog called Wide-Eyed Wanderer, so credit goes to Ella for this amazing idea. You should definitely check out her post!

1.What was the last country you visited?

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The last country I traveled to was Switzerland! Zurich was so gorgeous but sadly I was only there a few days. If I ever went back, I would also love to see Geneva or Lausanne!

2.How many countries/states have you visited?

I’ve been to 11 countries in total, and 10 are in Europe.. Can you tell I have a type?

In the US I’ve only been to 6 states! I’ve driven through a few more on road trips but I don’t think I can count those. It’s definitely my mission to travel around the US more and even visit a few national parks!

3.What is your favorite place on the planet that you have been to?

THIS IS SO HARD! Okay, I’m going to narrow it down to 3 – Amsterdam, Milan, and Nice.

4.Favorite place in your home country?

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Definitely NYC. When I lived in Connecticut, New York was only a short distance away but now I’m in Los Angeles and I obviously don’t visit as often. It would be amazing to live in the West Village some day; I love the lifestyle of the city! (Or maybe I’m just desperate to escape the suburbs..)

5.Tropical island getaway, snowy ski break, or city exploring trips?

I took this in Lake Arrowhead, California.

Honestly, all of these sound amazing right now. I would say city exploring trips because you can probably tell that most of my travels are for exploring cities.. But I do love skiing, and taking a nap by the beach sounds like the best thing ever.

6.What are your top 3 hand-luggage must haves?

I keep a lot in my carry-on that I never use (better safe than sorry, right?) but three things that I always need are chapstick, headphones, and my travel journal!

7.What is your most embarrassing moment abroad?

I genuinely can’t remember if this was me or my sister but either way it was pretty embarrassing.. It happened when my family and I were buying pastries in a cafe in Paris. Since I have a terrible allergy to peanuts, we wanted to check if the pastries had any peanuts in them. So, we used Google Translate to find the word “peanuts” in French so we can ask the employee (who didn’t speak English). Basically, we kept saying the word over and over again and she just looked at us with a blank face. I don’t know if we were just saying it incorrectly or if she was just annoyed at the fact that we were probably pronouncing the word completely wrong! Overall, it was just a very awkward interaction..

8.Any travel tips to share?

Don’t just stick to the “top 10 things to do in _____” list. Wander off on your own and explore the city for itself! I always pretend I’m a native of the country just so I can get a glimpse into what life is like there – it’s the best experience.

9.What are three places at the top of your bucket list?

Ireland, Peru, and Armenia!

10.Most surreal travel moment?

Seeing the Roman Colosseum was such a surreal experience for me! I knew a lot about it’s history and I had just finished a book that took place in the Colosseum, so I thought it was the coolest thing to be looking at it in person!

And that’s the end of the questions! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, make sure to like, comment, and follow my Instagram and my blog – we’re almost at 400 followers!

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