My 5 Favorite NYC Photos

I took a ton of pictures on my trip to New York City last month (and spent way too long editing all of them on VSCO), so I thought I would pick out five of my favorites for this post. I hope you enjoy!

This was taken from the car on our way to Manhattan. Glad that I captured the taxi to complete the New York vibe!
It’s me in the photo, so I didn’t actually take this one (shh..)
Also taken in the car, but I loved the cozy aesthetic with the brick buildings in the West Village.
This was our view while ice skating in Central Park… Wow.
Took this just outside of the Plaza hotel. It was super cloudy on this day, but all the colors and lights were just as bright!

My most-used filter is definitely M5, and I also add a few details separately depending on the original lighting or color in the photo. I do like to keep the photo as natural as possible, but still add some design to make it more interesting!

Thank you for reading this short post, and let me know if you would like me to do an updated version of How I Edit My Photos on VSCO!

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