Collage 58.0

Hello everyone! I feel like I haven’t done a Collage post in ages, so I’m finally doing one today! The unintentional theme for this Collage is nature since they all have some sort of plant or flower in them!

Some of these photos are from my post – Apple & Berry Picking in Oak Glen – so if they look familiar that’s probably where you remember them from. The rest are just some random photos I’ve taken over the past couple weeks.  I hope you enjoy!





I didn’t realize there was a bee in the picture until just now and I don’t know how I managed to get so close to one without realizing it 😂


This was a pretty short post, but these are definitely some of my favorite photos and I love the variety of plants and flowers. Yay for nature! 👍

I hope you liked this little Collage post! It’s nice to go back to these kinds of posts every once in a while, especially since I don’t do them as often anymore 😦

Thank you so much for reading, and don’t forget to like, comment, or follow my blog for posts every Monday and Friday!



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