Verona, Italy | Travel Blog #5

Hello everyone and welcome to my 5th travel blog from 2018! This one is about – the one and only – Verona, Italy!

We took a day trip from Milan to Verona by train, which was super quick and definitely worth it. The main attraction here is the famous Romeo and Juliet balcony. This concept was a little confusing to me because when I was looking at the balcony, obviously I imagined the scene from Romeo and Juliet, but then I remembered that it was fiction and it never actually happened? It just seemed a bit weird that a crowd of people were surrounding this specific balcony where something that never happened.. happened. I guess it was still cool to see where Shakespeare got his inspiration!

Sadly I didn’t get any pictures of the balcony (it was really crowded), but here are some other photos from Verona!

This is the tunnel to get to the balcony. People write love notes and letters all over it!





This city was a bit touristy but nothing over-the-top. There were a lot of chances to buy souvenirs for friends and family, which is always a good thing!

It’s usually hard to find a good restaurant when you’re walking around on the main streets of a famous city, so we tried going through some of the hidden streets and found an amazing pizza place!

My mom definitely enjoyed this pizza 😉

Afterwards, we did some shopping and explored the city before getting on the bus, going to the train station, and heading back to Milan. We also had some amazing gelato! I got the coffee flavor (an all time favorite) and I literally couldn’t get enough of it! 6b3034e7-b17e-4686-ac06-ca7ae4378b8a.jpg



Verona was definitely a must-see city in Italy and it was very beautiful, so I definitely recommend you make a visit if you’re ever in Milan or just travelling through Italy. If you’re cramming a bunch of cities into your trip (like we were), a day in Verona is plenty of time and you’ll get to see everything there is. Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to like, comment, or follow my blog for more travel posts! Look out for a Switzerland post coming soon..

I’ll see you on Friday!

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