Bullet Journal Update | August 2018

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is an update on my bullet journal! I just realized that I started doing more drawings and calligraphy rather than planning things out and “organizing” my schedule. I don’t know why I stopped doing that usual bullet journal stuff.. I guess when Summer is over I’ll have more things to plan out? Haha I’ll probably be busier soon so we’ll see if my journal gets more exciting next month.

I always find a ton of inspiration from Pinterest and other bloggers, and it’s so much fun to just take a break from everything to listen to some music and work on my journal! This is definitely my go-to activity when I need to relax but don’t want to feel unproductive.

Here are a few things I drew the past couple weeks –

“City of Stars” from La La Land
“Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish

img_2642The first two pages are song lyrics that I most likely made because I was listening to music and got really bored. They’re pretty random! The last one was made mostly to motivate myself to get work done. That definitely didn’t happen. Still to this day I haven’t done some of the things on that list and it’s been two weeks! (See what I mean by “professional procrastinator”? 😂)

Hopefully I get back into the bullet journal-ing mode soon and do more interesting designs! Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed and maybe got some inspiration. Don’t forget to like, leave a comment, or follow my blog, and I’ll see you all on Friday!

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