Collage 50.0

HELLO!! Welcome to Collage 50.0!! 🎉

I cannot believe I’ve done 50 Collages – and the really freaky thing is that my first Collage was posted on April 23, 2017 – yes, that is exactly one year ago from today!! It blew my mind when I realized this and I can’t believe that it managed to work out so perfectly (it’s kinda scary)..

Anyways, I wish there was something special about the photos in this Collage but it’s honestly just a regular post 😂 I hope you enjoy!

Thank you so much for reading my 50TH COLLAGE POST!! (I’m going to keep saying this over and over again because I still can’t believe it)

I hope you all have an amazing day and week, and I’ll see you in my next post!

(p.s. my next Collage will have to be 51.0 and that’s a really ugly number so I’m honestly not looking forward to it)

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