March Favorites | 2018

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to show you what I’ve been obsessed with all month, hope you enjoy!

  • My friend always has this snack with her and I steal so much that she bought me some of my own – it’s amazing, by the way.
  • I started playing “Reflection” from Mulan on piano and I love how it sounds! This is the version that I’m playing! img_1114
  • I bought this shirt from Brandy Melville a few weeks ago and I’m literally obsessed with the style of it! It’s super soft and the color goes with almost anything! I couldn’t manage to get a good photo of it, so here’s a link to the website!
  • I was in desperate need for a pair of pants so, of course, I went to Topshop and found these black jeans on sale! I wasn’t really sure about them at first, but I actually really like them and how they’re a little different from average jeans. They’re also a bit cropped which is definitely a plus!
    Sadly I couldn’t find these online (they might be out of stock) but here’s a really bad quality photo I took of them!
  • The final thing is this pen that I’ve literally been using 24/7. It writes so sleek and nicely, 10/10 recommend. img_1122

That concludes this post! I hope you enjoyed my March Favorites and comment what you’ve been obsessed with all month. I hope you all have and amazing Wednesday and I’ll see you in my next post!

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