Life Update | March 2018

Hello and happy Fridayyyy!

Today I just wanted to have a super relaxed post where I just update you all on my life! Recently I’ve been overloading my blog with Collages and photography, so I thought I would slow things down a bit and just have a little chat with all of you!

The past few weeks have actually been pretty chill for me, which is quite unusual. I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier and manage my time better so I’m not constantly tired at school (and basically falling asleep in class – jk).. This time of the year is always super stressful but I’m just trying to focus on what’s going on at the moment rather than stressing over something that’s 4 months away.

Also, I don’t know if any of you remember the post I wrote about braces, but I might be (finally) getting them off soon! As long as I remember to wear my rubber bands 😬 Comment if you have braces so we can complain about it together 👊🏼 And also comment if you have any shoe recommendations for me – I really want a new pair of sneakers! Help me out and comment any of your favs!

That’s all for this super random, all-over-the-place post! Thank you so much for reading and comment anything new going on in your life – catch me up!

I’ll see you on Monday!


3 Replies to “Life Update | March 2018”

  1. i am getting braces soon – does it hurt? i am really worried about some of the things that could go wrong + the parts that will HURT!

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    1. That’s so cool! They only hurt the first week or two, afterwards you can’t even feel that they’re there! I was afraid that I would break one of my brackets but it’s actually really hard to do that, even if you eat hard foods!

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