Music Favorites | February 2018

Hello and happy Wednesday! This week is already going by so fast which I am very happy about..!

I love doing music posts, so here’s my playlist from February! Also, I’ve probably been listening to these songs for a while so some of them might repeat from old music favorite posts..

  • Glorious : Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey
  • You and Me : Niall Horan
  • Seeing Stars : Borns
  • Tear it Down : Camp Rock 2 Soundtrack (don’t judge me for this one okay it’s a good song 😂)
  • Thunder : Imagine Dragons
  • Young Dumb & Broke : Khalid
  • Fire Away : Niall Horan
  • Piano Man : Billy Joel
  • Yellow : Coldplay
  • Infinity : One Direction
  • Good Old Days : Macklemore ft. Kesha
  • New Rules : Day Lipa

So yeah my music is a bit odd… If you came here looking for new music ideas then I probably wasn’t very helpful (unless you want to listen to the Camp Rock 2 soundtrack 🤷🏻‍♀️)!

Haha thank you so much for reading my post! Don’t forget to like, comment or follow my blog if you want to see more music posts! I hope you all have an amazing day and I’ll see you in my next post! 😀

5 Replies to “Music Favorites | February 2018”

  1. you should listen to the cal me by your name songs – and watch the movie, as its beautifully written and has such a great story (and the visuals are amazingg!)

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