Welcome 2018 | Resolutions

Hello everybody and happy new year! 2018 still feels so far away, can you believe it’s already here?!

Today’s post is super casual because I’m going to be talking about my resolutions for this year!

  1. My first resolution is to play more tennis tournaments! I really need to get back into a good schedule for my playing and be more consistent with it!
  2. My second resolution is to eat healthier (which means less Nutella)! This is probably going to be the hardest one, but it’s definitely the most necessary.. (even though I’ve already broken it 🙄)
  3. Lastly, I need to be more organized and plan things in advance. This one’s pretty general, but it’s probably the easiest to keep up.

I have plenty of other small resolutions but these are the main ones! Comment all of your resolutions for 2018 and whether you stuck with your resolutions from 2017 (I definitely did not)!

Thank you sooo much for reading and I hope you all have an amazing 2018! 🎉

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