Christmas Lockscreens

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday!

I know I’ve been a bit M.I.A. lately but I’m finally back and excited to be posting on my regular schedule! Today I’m going to show you a few lock screens/wallpapers that I’ve used this season. I like to change them often (for some reason) and I’ve collected quite a few of my favorites! Opening my phone to a new background is almost like getting a new phone – does anyone else feel this way?

All of these are from Pinterest, and you can find a ton more amazing ones there!

This one’s super adorable – it’s a reindeer! I love the color and how bright it is when you open your phone. 
This one’s a little more subtle and I really like the knitting style in the background! I suggest using this one if you want a more neutral color. This one wasn’t on my phone for too long.. it just didn’t stick with me 😦
This is definitely one of my favorites! It’s similar to the first one because of the colors and the trees are such a nice touch! I love how it’s so festive and Christmas-y. 
This is the one I’m currently using and I’m basically in love with it. Since I also got a new floral-type case, this matches perfectly! I also appreciate how there isn’t a lot (or anything) in the middle because sometimes the screen can get pretty busy with all the apps.

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if you use the same wallpapers or anything similar!

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P.S. Who have you been obsessed with for vlog/blogmas?!

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