September Favorites | 2017


As the end of September quickly approaches us, it is time to share my favorites for this month!

For the first time (in a very long time), I’m doing a monthly favorites during the appropriate time of the month – not the middle, not the beginning, but the end! I’m very proud of this hahah

September is kind of an awkward month.. It’s not really Summer, but it’s not really Fall – it’s kinda stuck between both (even though I try to pretend it’s Fall.. My Halloween decorations are slowly emerging from their boxes..)

Here are a few of the things I loved during September!

  • I don’t usually wear nail polish, but if I do, I wear this p2 Volume Gloss gel-look-alike. I absolutely love the color in “140 wild miss” and I think it’s a great color for transitioning seasons! I also love how it’s suuuper smooth on your nails!
I honestly don’t remember where I got this – but click here for the link I found online 🙂
  • Next, I have this cookie cutter shaped in a music note! The only problem is that I haven’t actually used it yet haha.. I’m not the best at using the kitchen (except to eat). I’ve just been really excited to use it and bake this entire month so I thought I might as well include it!
I actually got this while on vacation, but I found something really similar on Amazon, if you want to check it out!
  • Rings have definitely been making a comeback recently, and I hate to leave the house without wearing one. It felt a bit weird at first, since I wasn’t used to having something on my finger, but you get used to it really quickly. Plus, it honestly goes with every outfit!
I got these rings from Forever 21!


  • I just had to include planners in this list! September has been crazy busy and there’s no way I could’ve kept track of everything without these planners. They’re really cute too 😉
This desk pad is from Anthropologie! They have the best stationary 😍
DC4C3528-4438-45DB-A387-F39228A0E9AA (2)
I bought this planner from Marshalls, but the original maker is Clementine Paper Inc.!

Thank you for reading my post, and comment if we had some of the same obsessions this month! I love reading all of your feedback and getting to communicate with each other!

I hope you enjoyed, and now you can enjoy a little photo shoot I had haha :))


7F376567-085A-433A-B10D-4DD23E54ED8B (2)


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