Music Favorites // August 2017


I know I’m a bit late with an August favorites post (it’s literally the middle of September), but I just thought a music favorites was way overdue! You’ll notice that most of these songs aren’t very new, but I still listen to the Jonas Brothers so.. (Music never gets old)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the list!

  1. Ophelia – The Lumineers
  2. Uh Huh – Julia Michaels
  3. Moonlight – Grace VanderWaal (I love this so much)
  4. Someone Like You – Adele
  5. Younger Now – Miley Cyrus
  6. Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift (I’m still not sure about this one.. The chorus kinda ruins it for me 🙃)
  7. Kiwi – Harry Styles
  8. Fix You – Coldplay
  9. Scientist – Coldplay
  10. Ink – Coldplay

If you’re wondering, yes, I am in love with Coldplay. And yes, I am going to their concert soon and am VERY VERY excited. I literally can’t sit still 😂

Thank you for reading my post! Comment if you’re listening to any of these songs as well, and if you have any suggestions! I love finding new songs to listen to!

Don’t forget to check out my July Music Favorites, those are pretty cool too 😉

Also, I figured out a posting schedule (FINALLY)! I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and will have an occasional 4th post, most likely on the weekends! My posts go live at 11 am Pacific Time – I don’t know if you notice but I’ve actually been doing this for a while 😂

I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you in my next post 😀

5 Replies to “Music Favorites // August 2017”

  1. Younger now, look what you made me do and kiwi are also in my fav list! By the Way loved the post and I’m happy you are going to see Coldplay! Have fun! xx

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