Eating in Cologne


Happy Monday! Hopefully you’re having a great fresh start to your week!

I decided to post about food today because eating makes everyone happy, right? (especially on Mondays)

As you may know, I recently did a post on the Cologne Cathedral in Germany, and while we were in Cologne, we ate at some of the best places I have ever been to, and I’m going to be sharing my 2 favorites with you!

  • Burgerlich. Burgerlich was a restaurant that was a good balance between fast food and not fast food (I don’t really know what other word to use 😂) Probably the best part about this place was the ordering system. Everyone has a touchscreen tablet on their table and you use it to order your food!DSCN5397I was the first in my family to finish my order, and I thought I messed something up with the screen until about 5 minutes later a waitress arrived with my exact order. I was partly amazed and partly relieved that I actually placed an order in the first place 😂


It was SOO good 😛


I’m definitely recommending this restaurant, the service and the food were both amazing!


  • Totchen Tortchen. This was a cute cafe that we found just wandering around the city. First of all, the aesthetic was on point. I honestly couldn’t stop taking pictures the whole time. We decided to sit outside (since the weather was finally nice) and there were these really cute benches with colorful cushions everywhere!





Sorry for the random head in the corner 😂

Here are some of the things we got – everything was delicious! I couldn’t get a picture of all of the things, my family will never understand the idea of taking pictures of their food. They eat it before I can even get my camera out. 😩





This place was great for the food as well pictures (for all of the artsy people out there).

I wish you luck in finding great places to eat on your next vacation, hopefully I could help you out if you’re going to Germany!

Thank you so much for reading, and comment if you have been to any of these places or anywhere else that you absolutely loved.

I’ll see you in my next post! 😀



8 Replies to “Eating in Cologne”

  1. Ah, your descriptions were so funny for me to read, in a real good way. I always love reading them of places, cities I know… Although I never been to the restaurants you are referring to…
    And the part of your familiy eating it all up straight away… Hihi. Although I wouldn’t like it as well, but I pretty enjoyed looking at the pictures!

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  2. Lovely post, thank you for sharing!I completely relate with your family, I never have the patience to take pictures of the food I just want to dig in the minute it arrives – although I then regret not having taken pictures..
    We went to Cologne last May and our favourite place was a food market that comes to the city every month I think – they had a variety of food stalls with food from around the world.

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