Collage 14.0


Welcome to another Collage post!

This one’s a bit short, but made with just as much love <3. I would never favor one Collage post over the other. (It’s like picking a favorite child)

Anyways – here are the pictures. They’re all kinda random, especially in their sizes.

20150623_115547 (2)


florence 2 (3)


I took this during the Solar Eclipse and I have no idea how or why it turned out like this. I basically looked away and held my phone out towards the eclipse, since it’s unsafe to look at the eclipse without the right glasses. I’m looking at this picture now and I can see the sun shining (the big bright round thing) but if you look closely at the red circle towards the right, you can see the actual eclipse (the bright toenail shaped thing). If anyone knows how this happened please explain it to me haha

Thank you for reading!

And don’t forget to comment if you know anything about that last picture! haha

See you in my next post 🙂

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