Pizza in Italy


Happy Friday 🙂

And what better way to celebrate Friday than with FOOD? 😛

I was looking through the pictures from my Italy trip a few years ago and I realized that I probably ate more pizza in two weeks than I have in most of my life..

But I was in Italy, so it’s OK to eat an unnecessary amount of pizza, right?

Here they are, I hope you enjoy 🙂

Sorry – I guess we already ate some of it before taking the picture..




I actually made this one myself! I took a pizza making class with my sister in Florence – it was SO COOL! We even made the dough from scratch! I talked more about it in my Florence, Italy post, if you’re interested 🙂
I decided to add some breakfast pictures as well.. Because why not?
Spot the mini Nutella 😛

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed 🙂

(I definitely enjoyed eating them)

*If you didn’t know, I have a couple of other Italy posts, if you want to check them out!


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