Collage 12.0


I’m not sure if I can exactly consider this as a Collage post, but I’m gonna give it a chance and see how it works out. Thumbs_Up_Hand_Sign_Emoji

The story begins when I spent the day with my aunt, who was visiting from Cologne, Germany. She’s an artist and is always making these really beautiful paintings; when she’s traveling, she draws on her phone with this app and they turn out amazing. I thought she was showing me pictures from her camera until I realized she “drew” them with her finger on the tiny little screen.

SO, I got really bored and decided to give it a try, hoping that in some world they could turn out as good as hers (they didn’t – I’m not an artist and I definitely don’t have the patience for it..)

But, I still think they look really cool and realistic – take a look!









Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this photos as much as I did! I probably spent a good hour or two playing with it.. I definitely see my future as the next Picasso. No doubt.

*The name of the app is Paint & Picture, if you want to check it out!

Also, make sure to check out my last post: New Updates + Poll! I talked about a few new things I added to my blog, if you’re interested!

And wherever you are in the world, I hope you have a great morning/ afternoon/ evening 🙂



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