Music Favorites // July 2017


(I made the image a plane view because these are the songs I had on repeat on the plane, in case you were confused, which totally makes sense :))

In today’s post, I’m gonna switch it up a little and give you a list of my current favorite songs and artists! You will quickly notice that my taste in music is a little all over the place.. I linked each song to a YouTube video, if you want to check it out!

  1. “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” by Shawn Mendes
  2. “Little Swing” by AronChupa and Little Sis Nora
  3. “Empires” by The Electric Swing Circus
  4. “Bad Liar” by Selena Gomez
  5. “Issues” by Julia Michaels (+ Niall Horan’s cover of this song was amazing)
  6. “Slow Hands” by Niall Horan (this has been one of my favorites since the day it came out!)
  7. “Ever Since New York” by Harry Styles (I’ve actually been trying to play this one on the guitar!)
  8. “Attention” by Charlie Puth
  9. “Weak” by AJR
  10. “Back to You” by Louis Tomlinson ft. Bebe Rexha

As you can see, there are definitely some new ones and some throwbacks, if you check out my other music lists you can see I might have repeated a few..

(Music doesn’t get old, we do ;))

Thank you for reading and I hope that I could introduce you to a new song or two! Let me know what your current favorite song(s) is!


4 Replies to “Music Favorites // July 2017”

  1. I love bad liar and issues! Such good songs. Seems like we have a similar taste in music. I’ve recently posted about my own music playlist. Check it out if you have time 💗

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