Collage 8.0


I decided that in the middle of these crazy travel posts, I needed to add in a Collage post to add a little more diversity, so here it goes!

This post actually has a lot of pictures from my trip, so it’s cool to see some different skylines and backgrounds in the shots. I would say this one is a bit more focused on the sun and clouds, and it was my first time seeing the silver lining of a cloud this bright!

I hope you enjoy 🙂

Sorry for the glare, I was actually in a high speed train when I took this one and a few of the next ones, so you can see the reflection off the window :/ Trust me, if I could’ve jumped off the train for a minute and taken a better picture, I would’ve done that in the blink of an eye!



*Ignore the power lines 🙂


I could literally reach out and touch the clouds.
The sun’s showing off.
I took this in Bavaria, Germany, from Neuschwanstein Caslte! This one’s probably my favorite 😀
Another view from the castle – the hike was definitely worth it!
Isn’t this one just crazy?! The sun’s just begging to come out of the clouds.

THANK YOU so much for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed! I loved taking all of these pictures and I love sharing them with you even more 🙂


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