Neuschwanstein Castle


drum roll, please ……… IT’S ANOTHER TRAVEL POST!

In this post, I am going to be showing you a bunch of my pictures and my experience at Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany! (Bavaria, to be exact)

This castle is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and I’m sure most people would say the same. Although it is so photogenic, I reminded myself to just take a moment to look at it with my eyes alone and admire how amazing it is. It’s hard to put the camera down when you are standing before something so wonderful; you just want to be able to look at it for the rest of your life, over and over again.

The journey to the castle was very intense, but every second was worth it. First, from our hotel in Munich, Germany, we took the “subway” to the main train station. From here, we took a 1:30 hour (about) train ride to Bavaria. When we arrived, we (and everyone else on our train) took a bus to the castle. We knew there was a hike to the castle, but I can safely say that we didn’t know what we were in for.

The hike was all uphill, took about 30 min, and we were all sore and out of breath when we reached the top. Keep in mind, it was very hot and humid, since we came in the middle of July. We had a longer journey because we decided to go to the bridge first, as did most people. This bridge was small, narrow, very high off the ground, and packed with tourists (including ourselves)! It didn’t seem too stable, we tried to get on and get off as quick as we could!

However, as terrifying as it was, I suggest that you don’t miss this opportunity because the view of the castle was breath taking.

Here are all the pictures of the castle. Some are from the bridge and the hike, and the rest are some more pictures we got from the castle itself. Enjoy!

(note: We took a tour inside the castle, which I would recommend! But we couldn’t take any pictures, of course.)

I couldn’t take a proper picture of the hike to show how uphill it actually was! :/




I took this from the bridge as well, and I thought the waterfall was super cool, until I looked over to the castle..
Someone was parasailing!
AND AGAIN! (for the record you’re going to get a handful of pictures of the same castle all from different angles :))





(excuse the hand on the side of the picture) Some people even put locks on the bridge which is super cool but also super terrifying because the bridge was unstable enough without the extra weight from metal locks :/




There were actually two other castles that we didn’t visit but here’s one of them 🙂







Thank you so much for reading (and looking), and if you enjoyed, I would love if you’d like this post or follow my blog! 😀

Also, I hope that these pictures could give you a glimpse of what a magnificent piece of history this castle is. If you’ve visited (or want to), I would love if you shared your experience and any thoughts you have in the comments below! 🙂 🙂









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