Amsterdam, Netherlands


Welcome back to another travel post!

If you were wondering why I hadn’t posted in a few weeks, it was because I was on a trip around Europe! Some exciting travel posts are long overdue and I am really excited to share my journey with you!

The first stop on this trip was Amsterdam. We stayed here for about 3 days and I thought that was a great amount of time to do everything we planned without running around the city frantically cramming in activities!

Day 1: We went to the Anne Frank House on our first day in Amsterdam. We didn’t have our tickets before we went and therefore had to stand in a really long line that stretched around the entire building (you didn’t even know if you could get into the museum at all). I definitely recommend getting your tickets beforehand to avoid this situation! Of course we weren’t allowed take any pictures inside, but it was an amazing experience and it was beyond amazing to be inside the house Anne Frank and her family had to live in.

Fun fact 1: The stairs inside were extremely narrow and crammed! If you have big feet then keep in mind that this house is very small and you will probably have some trouble going through!


We also walked around the city a little on the first day. We visited Dom Square, which we could tell was a really touristy spot since there were people dressed as Darth Vader walking around taking pictures :/ aa4


Fun fact 2: A lot of the buildings and apartments in Amsterdam are leaning forwards or to the side, which is supposed to leave more inside.

Fun fact 3: Pigeons are people too. This basically goes for all of Europe, but the population of pigeons is so massive that they are basically everywhere.

Fun fact 4: I almost got run over a bike. Twice. Seriously. Be careful. There are a lot of bikes here. A lot.



Day 2: Today we went to the museum square, where we saw the “IAmsterdam” sign, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Rijksmuseum. The “IAmsterdam” sign was super crowded! I could only manage to get a full picture from the back of it (sorry)! But, of course, we climbed on top of some of the letters and took some fun pictures with it! It was actually pretty scary up there since there are dozens of people and kids on the letters making them shake :/


Then we went to the Van Gogh Museum. We couldn’t take pictures here, either. 😦

Lastly, we visited the Rijksmusem. There were a few really famous pieces of art in this museum, and it was really interesting, too! aa22

This crown is the best thing ever but it looks really heavy haha
Books and books and books and books!

Here are a few more pictures from the square 🙂



Later that day, we took the street tram to the Central Station and went on a river “cruise” tour for an hour. This was really nice but also a little boring. I might be a little biased since I was so tired and jet lagged that I might have fallen asleep on the boat.. 🙂 :/a.3







Fun Fact 4: Most of the pictures look really cloudy, and that was because it was raining almost everyday! It was so annoying having to lug our umbrellas wherever we went 😦 We also walked almost everywhere, so it was even more difficult and took a lot longer in the rain.

Day 3: This day was mostly dedicated to seeing the whole city since we were leaving the next morning. We first went to the Tulip Museum, which was interesting if you like nature and plants. I wouldn’t say this is a “must see”, but definitely check it out if you have time.

Fun Fact: I think I consumed so many chocolate croissants I almost turned into one. They’re so good!

Since we mostly just adventured the rest of the day, I’ll just put in some pictures of the beautiful city 🙂



On our way back to our hotel we stopped by this cute little park! We were just walking around when a random dog came up to us and dropped a stick in front of our feet to play fetch! SO CUTE






Final Thoughts: Amsterdam was definitely one of my favorite cities ever! It was so beautiful and pure and it made me want to stay forever. All the rivers and bridges almost reminded me of Venice!

I was never stressed that I wasn’t going to see everything I wanted, this trip was very calm and more relaxing than most.

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed and learned some more about Amsterdam if you are planning on visiting soon! Make sure to look out for my next travel posts coming up very soon! Next up is Brussels, Belgium! Like or follow if you love travel posts as much as I do 😀




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