Travel Backpack Exterior

For this post, I decided to show you my travel backpack 😀

I take a lot of pride in this backpack 😉 and I really wanted to show you the simple things I did to personalize it.

The backpack itself is Antik Kraft. Also, it’s made from vegan leather, which is super cool.

What I love most about the backpack is the texture. It’s really rough and thick, making it durable for adventures *wink wink


I have two pins on the front of the backpack –

  1. My Coldplay love pin. Basically, Coldplay gives these out to fans if they meet them or go to their concerts. I attended their concert back in August of 2016, which you can read my post on here 😉 This pin is really special to me and I love having it with me when I’m traveling!
  2. Next to it I have a pin from San Fransisco, which my sister got for me when she visited. These pins are pretty easy to find, especially in touristy stores, which is really convenient if you want to personalize your backpack as well.

My plan was to collect pins and continuously add to the backpack, but I don’t know if I want it to be really busy. I’d rather keep it simple, but we’ll see..

That concludes the exterior of my backpack! Later on, I’m planning on doing a post on what I take with me when I travel, so look out for that!

Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it! Make sure to like, comment, or follow my blog if you enjoyed!



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