Collage 1.0


I have done a lot of “photography” posts and they have all been kinda all over the place.. So, I decided to make a new segment or part to my blog called Collage, where I will post any of my favorite pictures that I have taken in the past few days/weeks/months.

You will probably notice that all of these pictures are not anything crazy or ‘out there’. But, that is the beauty of it – capturing the moment – and for some reason I see something special about each of them. So, I hope you enjoy them!

*I put photography in quotes because I am not a photographer. I merely enjoy taking pictures (very unprofessionally) 🙂 🙂

The rain makes all the plants 10x greener 🙂
A flock of birds makes any cloudy day beautiful.
There is so much going on with the sky in this one!
This one needs absolutely no words.
The ombré!
The sky is so gray but the sun is still so bright though the tree!
Just looking through the mirror..
..And again when it’s raining – because why not?
So many mountains!
A spectacular sunset.
On cloud 9!

Thank you for reading my first Collage post! Hopefully many more to come..!

If you enjoyed, please like, comment, or follow! 🙂 🙂 Let me know if you want more photography posts!

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