Easter Eggs // 2017


With Easter right around the corner I decided to make a post on decorating eggs!

I loove painting and decorating eggs, and I basically use the same tricks every year.

  • First, I use the store-bought dies for the eggs. This is great to just give the egg a basic color all around.
  • From here, you can go two ways:                                                                                             1. My favorite way is to use crepe paper. When you wrap this around the (pre-colored) egg, the color comes off and gives the egg a beautiful design. You may want to add some more warm water on top of the paper so it sticks to the egg. Leave the paper on for a few minutes and when you unwrap, you will see your beautiful results! Also, I find that you get even more unique and vibrant results if you re-use the paper from different eggs. Honestly, just be super messy and unorganized and it will turn out great!eggs.3


    2. I also like to use gold and silver felt/ink pens to draw on the egg itself. I’m not very good at this but my sister does it really well! She also dips the edges of the egg into different colors just to add some more detail.

    Please ignore the Thanksgiving plate 🙂

    Now you have a beautiful collection of eggs for your Easter table! 

    Haha please ignore the Thanksgiving plate again :/

    I hope that this post gave you some new ideas!

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