Disneyland Lanyard


You may or may not know that I love Disneyland and I’ve gone there at least yearly since I was born! I mean, who doesn’t love Disneyland..

At Disneyland, they do this pin trading thing where you can buy pins for your lanyard and trade them with workers at the park. It’s really cool and fun! I don’t have many pins just because I always forget to get new ones when I go to the park..

This is my small collection from over the years 🙂


At the bottom, I have a little pouch that I believe came with the lanyard when I bought it. Inside, I keep old passes and my Autopia (a ride at the park) driver’s license.


For my character pins, I have a Winnie-The-Poo pin and a Dumbo pin. These characters are so cute so had to get the pins!



I also pinned on my Honorary Citizen pin because it looked really cool on the lanyard and made me feel really special.. 😀


Lastly, I have two Disneyland pins. They represent all of Disney and not just one character so they are super cool! These are probably my favorites!

That concludes my lanyard collection! It is not much but that’s what makes every pin special! If you are planning on going to Disneyland (or Disney World) and you don’t have a lanyard, I definitely suggest getting one because it is a staple that you can’t go wrong with!

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed, please like, comment, or follow for more Disneyland posts! 🙂

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