Chocolate Chip Pancakes

A perfect Sunday morning breakfast is very important! Chocolate chip pancakes are one of my favorite things to make!

  1. Pour in your ingredients – I use powder from pancake mix and follow the directions on the back of the box since I am the least creative person when it comes to baking… Whether you are using ready-made mix like me or a homemade recipe it will probably taste amazing! pan.1
  2. The best part of these pancakes are the chocolate chips, right? I just poured a bunch of dark chocolate chips into the bowl and mixed it in with the pancake mix. pan.2
  3. Now it is time for the tedious part… Making the pancakes. I usually listen to music or watch YouTube while doing this, since it takes a while… But there’s still nothing better than flipping the pancake! 😀 pan.3
  4. When all of your pancakes are ready, it is time for the photoshoot. Basically just arranging them in cute positions so you get good pictures out of them! pan.4pan.5

And now you can enjoy your mouth-watering pancakes! I prefir to eat them without syrup, since it should be sweet enough from the chocolate.

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