Thanksgiving Recipe

I finally decided to do a recipe post! 😀 These little turkeys are perfect for Thanksgiving!

  • Ingredients: Plain vanilla cupcakes, white frosting, chocolate frosting, double-stuffed Oreo’s, a pack of Junior Mints, and a pack of Mike and Ike’s.
  • First, you need a plain vanilla cupcake: you can get the mix at your local grocery store. I put a small amount of chocolate frosting on top of the cupcake. Then, you put an Oreo into the cupcake: about 2/3 the way back (this is the body). Add a Junior Mint right in front of the Oreo (as the head). With the white colored frosting, make two eyes on the mint. Here is where the Mike and Ike’s come in: place 5 of them (red, orange, and yellow) into the frosting of the Oreo and also place one right in front of the mint.
  • Now you have a great dessert treat for Thanksgiving! They look great and taste even better! 🙂


If you would like, you can also tweak this recipe to fit other holidays! For example, replacing the Oreo with a strawberry, putting some frosting eyes on it, and drizzling chocolate on top can be great for Valentines Day!

I hope you liked this short blog post! If you would like me to do more posts like this one, please let me know!

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