“Chasing Power” – A Review

Today I decided to do my first book review! I hope you enjoy!

Written by Sara Beth Durst

368 Pages

“Chasing Power” follows a teenage girl, Kayla, and a boy, Daniel, as they race to stop a spell that will change their lives forever. Aside from the fact that she has telekinetic powers, Kayla is just like any ordinary girl in Santa Barbara. Her and her mother, Moonbeam, live in a small cottage and are hiding from Kayla’s father, who had, many years ago, killed her sister, Amanda. They had to completely change their identities so he can never find them and kill Kayla as well. She uses her powers for simple things, like stealing from stores; but, she has to hide her power from the world as well as her mother, who disapproves of her usage of telekinesis. She believes it is yet another way to expose them to her father.

It was just an ordinary day at the beach when Kayla unintentionally comes across another person with superpowers like her. Daniel, who has teleportation powers, came to Kayla and blackmailed her for her help to find his kidnapped mother, Evelyn. Evelyn is a researcher and uses Daniel to travel wherever she wants whenever she wants. Daniel is an attractive boy around Kayla’s age who is impatient and eager to rescue his mother. Reluctantly, Kayla agreed to help, since she is Daniel’s only chance; she was the only other person with superpowers.

Kayla reaches to her best friend, Selena, for help because she has to somehow escape her overprotective mother. Once this is taken care of, she and Daniel use a note left from his mother to reach the voodoo queen, who can help them in their quest. Queen Marguerite educates them about the three stones that must be captured in order to stop the kidnappers from hurting Daniel’s mother. The enemy already has one of the three stones. With this information, the two set out to find the rest.

Daniel teleports them to the Temple of the Great Jaguar, where Kayla manages to get a picture of the map before it gets stolen by the enemy. They use this map to trace where the three stones are. Along the way, she notices her affection for Daniel and forms a ‘relationship’ with him, although she is often annoyed that he had to cause all these sudden problems and worries in her life. For example, she has to constantly lie to Moonbeam about where she is and what she is doing.

Kayla and Daniel were inside a cave when they found one of the stones. Suddenly, rocks start to fall and one of them knocks out Daniel. Before Kayla can comprehend what is occurring, her father enters the cave and steals the stone from her. Shocked that she saw her father, she is frozen and confused. In another close call, Kayla and Daniel get trapped in an underground tomb when her sister, who she believed was dead, steals the stone from Kayla and supplies her with some information that changes what Kayla had believed her whole life. All of her childhood memories are challenged. When she gets home, the voodoo queen is waiting for her and her mother is gone. Both Kayla and Daniel are anxious for an explanation. All three stones are with the enemy, time is running out, and both of their mothers are gone. All Queen Marguerite can do now is explain this whole situation before it is too late.

Moonbeam, Evelyn, and Jack, Kayla’s father, were all friends when they were teenagers. They had known Queen Marguerite, and they used the three stones to give themselves power, which was a horrible thing to do. The power didn’t go to them; it went to their children (Kayla, Amanda, and Daniel). Now, Jack kidnapped Evelyn and Moonbeam to recreate the scene when this occurred in order to fix what they started. Moonbeam and Evelyn don’t want Jack to do the spell, since it is dangerous and selfish. Once this spell is done, one of the three will receive all of the children’s powers, but one will die. Kayla and Daniel want to save their mothers, but can they go up against Amanda and Jack? After all, Amanda is much stronger in her power than Kayla is. Amanda is evil. She is much more determined to do the spell than her father, and she turns against him as well when she learns that she will lose her power once the spell is cast. She even tries to kill her father; she would have succeeded if Kayla hadn’t found a quick solution. While trying to stop Amanda, Kayla learns that this whole mess started with someone that wasn’t either Amanda or Jack. Who was it? Are the mothers innocent, or are they the cause of the whole problem? Who takes control over the stones? Will the spell be cast? I guess you will have to read the book to find out!

This book has an unexpected ending that I never would have guessed. I definitely recommend reading it. Although I felt like there were some cheesy moments and that the story line was a little rushed, it was a great book in all.

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you have read this book or are planning on reading! 🙂

Featured image: http://www.sarahbethdurst.com/images/ChasingPowerCover_LoRes.jpg

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