Barcelona, Spain

BARCELONA. This city was almost exactly how I pictured it. A busy city in some parts, and old-fashioned in the other. I’d went right in the middle of Summer, so it was scorching hot! If this is a trip you are planning, I suggest going during Spring or Fall. The sun was so strong that at one point our feet would stick to the black-top ground because it was melting! :O

There isn’t too much sight-seeing to do here. The most important landmark is the Sagrada Familia. This Church is huge and very beautiful! Sadly, it wasn’t at its fullest height, since it will be under construction until 2026!


If you get tickets to go to the top of the church then you get a great view!


Lastly, here are some pictures I took throughout the city!


Barcelona is a very diverse city and it was definitely one of my favorites in Spain.

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