Connecticut, USA

Finally- another travel post! The week before Christmas I took a trip to Connecticut with my family! We used to live here many many years ago, and even though we know our way around all the cities, it has practically turned into a tourist attraction for us. This trip ranged from apartments to grocery stores!

One of the first things we did was visit Stew Leonard’s. This is a grocery store in Norwalk and is one of the best places ever! The smell when you walk in is so rich and amazing. They have everything you need – from freshly baked pastries to every kind of fish in the sea! The store is almost like a maze, with fun little shows and interactive toy machines that are great for kids and honestly still fun for me, too!


We also went to the sleeping giant, which is a mountain and park in Hamden. We had many memories here and it is a great place for picnics and gatherings.


Here are some more pictures of a park + snow 🙂

The Westport Shopping Center was a great place to shop or just walk around – even though it was freezing!


Also, it is almost impossible to pass by a street and not see at least one Dunkin’ Donuts. I’m not complaining, though 😉

Lastly, there are two restaurants that definitely deserve a shout-out. Bertucci’s and Frank Pepe’s Pizza. These restaurants were practically tourist attractions to us! We always used to eat here and it was definitely on our list to visit them again!

Bertucci’s is located in many cities in Connecticut and serves a variety of amazing Italian food.

Frank Pepe’s Pizza is hands down one of the best pizza places in the country. I have no more words.

We stayed in EVEN Hotel in Norwalk. Because it was Winter (and I don’t think many tourists come to Connecticut) the hotel was pretty empty. But, the environment was great! There are many games and activities in the lobby which are great for relaxing after the busy day.


There was a TV supplied with many Wii games!
I cannot tell you how much ping-pong I played!

Sadly, that concludes the trip… Now we head back home…

I hope you enjoyed! If you did, feel free to like and follow! Comment if you have ever been to Connecticut or plan on going! 🙂 Thank you for reading!

If you would like, make sure to check out my New York post! 🙂


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