Room Decor Ideas/ DIY

Today’s post is a little different from what I usually do; but, I’ve been wanting to do a room decor/DIY post for a long time! I hope you enjoy and find them useful! 🙂

  1. Picture Collages – If you put a couple of framed pictures or artwork near each other in some collage-type arrangement it looks really nice and put-together. I tried to match their colors so it’s not too crazy. (My favorite is the plaid reindeer-so cute!) I really like putting up pictures in my room because it makes me feel at home. It’s cool to see how everyone expresses themselves.   dscn4538-2
  2. Stacked Notebooks – Although this is super simple, placing random notebooks on top of each other looks really nice and is also really helpful if you want to stay organized! I stacked some random notebooks/coloring books (you can get some for a really cheap price in stationary stores) and settled my planner on top. dscn4546
  3. Decorating Notebooks – All you need is a plain/empty notebook, some magazines, glue, and scissors. I cut out some pictures from the magazines that matched with each other well and glued them randomly onto the cover of the notebook. I also added a twine bow to the front (for some detail). This looks very unique and turns a boring notebook into a decoration. This is also a great way to express yourself and give your belongings a personal touch. dscn4555-2dscn4554
  4. Head-band Organization – For my birthday a few years back, I received this cute basket and decided to put my head-bands in it. This actually looks really nice in my room and is a great way to keep items in one place!
  5. Jewelry Organization – Bracelets and rings are really easy to lose, so I placed them into a stationary organizer. Yes, I know this is supposed to be for paper clips and stuff… :/ However, this is surprisingly useful since any organizer would work and you don’t even need to spend any money (if you already have an organizer)! dscn4559
  6. Desk Mats – I always like to have a mat on my desk so the top of it doesn’t get dirty or drawn all over. I found a mat at Barnes and Noble that was also a monthly calendar and also had a coloring portion for each month! I definitely recommend getting something like this because it is really relaxing to take a quick break from work to either color or see what you have planned for the next day! dscn4561I also had some that I finished coloring! It definitely takes time and patience but it is worth it in the end 😉 TIP: I recommend coloring the boxes in with colored pencils instead of pens because 1) you can still write plans for the day 2) it looks really cool and mind twisting!

    I mostly used the Paper Mate felt pens. I love these pens! I’ve had the same ones for two years and I am still using them! They are super helpful because they can write thin but also last when you color with them.  dscn4565

    Thank you so much for reading and I hope this post gave you some ideas! If you use any of these tips please share with me – I would love to see them! Also, please like or comment if you enjoyed! 🙂 

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