Such a beautiful and fun city! I loved every part of it and I honestly want to live there. I was only there for like…5 days… but it was awesome!

We had visited Paris before we got to London and it was definitely a big change. First, people here spoke English, so we understood them much, much better. Second, it seemed less hectic and more ‘chill’. The street our hotel/apartment was on had many old fashioned buildings and apartments that you would never see in the US. There were also more people who would walk or take the subway rather than drive.

It seemed like such a nice city. Most people were nice, happy, pleasant, or just in a good mood. If anyone wasn’t happy, they were most likely walking very fast (in a rush to get somewhere).

The biggest thing I noticed while we were there (and now while looking back at the pictures) were the clouds and skies. One day it would be completely blue and pure, and the next day it would be cloudy and gloomy. It was really beautiful and interesting.

Also, part of the reason why my sister and I were excited to go was because the members of Coldplay (our favorite band, if you didn’t know…) lived nearby and we would literally go insane looking around to find them. Although of course, we didn’t… 😦

Anyways, here are some pictures – enjoy!

Big Ben – Part 1
London Bridge
View from the London Eye
London Eye
Big Ben – Part 2

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