Seville, Spain

Seville was my favorite city in Spain! I don’t know why – maybe because we had the most time to do stuff. There were not too many things we had to do or places we had to go. It was really nice to have a break between all of the craziness.

We shall begin with the food….

When it comes to churros and chocolate, there is not much to say. It is the most beautiful, smart, delicious, amazing, incredible, marvelous, stunning, magnificent, astonishing, unreal thing, EVER. I thought that it would be insane since churros are already really sugar-y and adding chocolate would make it too sweet, but these churros were different than what I had eaten before. They were more like bread and a dessert. That’s why the chocolate made it sooo good! We had them in a family owned restaurant, which was really cool and probably made them taste 10x better!


Anyways, we went to a Flamenco dance the first day we were there. It was really cool and a great experience. I definitely recommend it for anyone who is going to Spain. We got front row seats so it was really fun!

Seville had many parts to it. Probably the biggest thing there is is the church. Actually, if you walk up (about 30 stories I believe) the bell tower you get an amazing view over the city!


Here are some more pictures 🙂 Enjoy!



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