Madrid, Spain

Madrid – The capital city of Spain. My family and I visited Spain this past summer, and Madrid was the last city we went to. This city was definitely the most crowded and tourist-y. There were some parts that were very peaceful and nice. But, once you exited the hotel, you would be trampled into a mob of people and tourists.

The view from the top of our hotel

There were a lot of places to eat, including a farmers market where you could buy small portions for 1 euro and try a little bit of everything! There was also a cute (but crowed) bakery with the best desserts —ever.

There were many buildings (that I assume are historical) that were very huge. One of them had a lake in front that we took a canoe ride in! It was hard at first but we figured it out!

Some parts of it were very similar to the other cities.

A view over the city

As you can see, some parts of it were very beautiful! Madrid wasn’t my favorite, but I was glad we visited it.

Let me know if you have ever been to Madrid, and if you enjoyed it! 🙂

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