Girona, Spain

While in Spain, we took a day-trip to a city called Girona! This was probably our favorite city because it was very simple and not crowded. spain-view-2

(It was the perfect place to take pictures!) On one side of the bridge, there were streets and cars – a normal, everyday city. On the other side, there were restaurants, stores, and a lot of little passageways that lead to more stores! The main street was pretty small.

While we were there, it started to rain and it was the best thing that could have happened! Most of the tourists cleared out, and we had the whole city to ourselves 😀 We found this cute little pizza restaurant that was completely empty and sat on the table outside (under the ‘roof’). The pizza was amazing and we could watch the rain pour as we ate.

Once the rain stopped, we headed towards the city to some grocery stores to get food for later. I took some more pictures of Burger Kings, and we sat on the train back to Barcelona.

If you were here when it was raining, would you have stayed or left? Let me know! 🙂

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