Florence, Italy

To go along with my Venice and Rome posts, I decided to post about my favorite city in Italy…. FLORENCE!


Florence was a beautiful mix between Venice and Rome. It wasn’t too tourist-y but it still had roads and city-like attributes. We could go walking down busy streets with high quality stores for hours! But, we would eventually reach a part of the town where there were small boutiques and older apartments. It was unique and had a little bit of everything.


The rivers and bridges were lovely! They actually had a lot of shops on them so you couldn’t tell when you left the land and were actually on the bridge!

One of the nights we went to the top of this hill/park and watched the sunset. I totally recommend this because it was very delightful and we got many pictures!


Also, the first night we were in Florence my sister and I went to a pizza making class! The instructors were great and we all got to make our own personal pizzas from scratch. It was a great experience and we definitely learned a lot!

We also learned how to make gelato, which is kind of like ice cream – but better! Almost all of the bakeries in Italy had gelato because it is so good and super famous!


There are many things to do in this city and I loved every second of it! I hope you enjoyed reading, and please let me know if you have ever been to Florence – and if you have, what was your favorite part?

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