Study Tips

Studying. No one wants to do it, but we all want to be better at it.

Here are some of my tips to be more efficient while studying and get more done in a smaller amount of time.

  1. Listen to classical music ♠ Whenever I need to stay focused for a large amount of time, my favorite thing to listen to is a Disney Piano Playlist. It is really relaxing and not distracting from your work. You can find many playlists on YouTube that last for hours!
  2. Set a timer ♠ I recently started doing this and it is really helpful. I just set a timer on my phone for 1 hour and work straight through it. Once the hour is over, I usually get a snack or take a short break to wake myself up. You can also set if for a shorter or longer amount of time, depending on how much you need to get done.
  3. Set aside all distractions ♠ Whether it be your phone, computer, TV, book, etc., these are all things that take time away from what you need to be doing. I suggest putting them far away from you in a pile as reminder that you shouldn’t be using them. Using them once you are done could also be considered a much deserved reward for your hard work 🙂
  4. Make a list ♠ If there are a lot of things you need to do throughout the day, it is helpful to make an organized list so you don’t forget anything. This is something I always do because it is really satisfying once something gets crossed off the list!

I hoped some of these tips were helpful! Don’t forget to let me know what other productive study habits you use!

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