The Kings of Spain

While on a trip to Spain, I got bored for a minute and decided to take a picture of an important landmark: a Burger King. This glorious picture led to the taking of more and more Burger Kings, as many as I could find. There is not a single Burger King that I passed by that was not acknowledged. (There were much more than I expected!)

Whenever I stopped in the middle of a crowd to take out my camera and snap a pic of the Burger King, about a dozen people would give me the weirdest looks. I had never felt more like a tourist, even though there are just as many Burger Kings where I live, too. My family still jokes about this, and I still wonder why I chose Burger Kings, rather than anything else (anything else). However, there is not a moment I regret taking all these pictures, because now I get to share them!

These are (almost) all the Burger Kings in Barcelona, Malaga, Seville, Girona, and Madrid.

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